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Gourmet cuisine is my language, my way of interacting with the world, telling my emotion.
I devoted my life to the art of food, preparation and tasting. I constantly search for high quality ingredients, new excellence producers, new food preparation and processing techniques.
The dishes I create talk about me, they are the result of my crazy creativity, I am the expression of the place where I live, the exaltation of my traditions, my values, my culture.
I love beautiful design and art. I want every dish to be a small masterpiece.
This is me.. I am Nicola Egò..

Summer salad
(Herb salad, sea moss sorbet and spinach cream)

For Matera 2019 (summer version)
(Amberjack raw fish, grilled potato and stewed onion)

The canard francois
(Speck D’Anatra, creme brulee you have capers and raspberries)

All red
(Beef tartare, macerated beetroot, cherry ice cream and rose elixir)

First courses

An Oyster out of place
(Carnaroli rice, yellow pumpkin, coffe powder and Oyster ice cream)

A classic
(Carnaroli “Ferron” risotto creamed with potato, mussels and fermented lime powder)

To be found
(Mezzelune pasta of Pignata, warm dashi broth and plum sake)

Hot and cold
(Gettoni pasta of tomato, raw Scampi and ricotta granita)

You will be surprised …
(Fusillo “Benedetto cavalieri” with herbs, veal juce, smoked apricot and licorice)

Second courses

The Lambgut roll… you don’t expect
(Tuna fish, lambgut, onion, baby leafs, potato and calabrese hot’nduja sauce)

Green White Red
(Scallops, Jerusalem artichoke cream, peppers noodles and basil oil)

A different version
(Veal, raw red prawn, lemon occhipinti and golden apple cream)

The intruder …
(Mackerel in cold cialledda and mustard fig sauce)


Childhood what a beautiful memory
(Bread and Nutella with yogurt ice cream)

It’s madness!
(Oyster, vermouth ice cream, almond muffin and oyster leaf)

Is it a madness?
(Fois gras ganache, pomegranate ice cream, Galliano sauce, bitter cocoa waffle)

Ricotta Peach Carrot
(Carrot bisquit, peach oil and vanilla, ricotta ice cream, chocolate and Amaro Lucano crisp)

It’s him … !!!
(Coconut … mousse, smoked ice cream, pineapple jam and crisp coconut)

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