À la carte

Gourmet cuisine is my language, my way of interacting with the world, telling my emotion.
I devoted my life to the art of food, preparation and tasting. I constantly search for high quality ingredients, new excellence producers, new food preparation and processing techniques.
The dishes I create talk about me, they are the result of my crazy creativity, I am the expression of the place where I live, the exaltation of my traditions, my values, my culture.
I love beautiful design and art. I want every dish to be a small masterpiece.
This is me.. I am Nicola Egò..

It is cheap…!
(Creamed Codfish, lentil caviar and Matera crunchy bread)

The Chirping
(Breated Greek Cicada, chestnut, broccoli, crispy bacon and foam of red turnip flavored with mandarin)

Abbess… abbess…
(Crispy “Pezzente” Sausage, potato foam, pork rind, Senise Crunch Red Pepper and wild fennel seeds)

Egg “in Cialled”
(Egg poché, baked tomato cream, crouton of bread, turnip tops and caramelized red onion)

First courses

An Oyster out of place
(Carnaroli rice, yellow pumpkin, coffe powder and Oyster ice cream)

Le Bouillon
(Little Shrimp spheres, “cardoncelli” mushrooms’ soup, crunchy celery and mushrooms’ salad)

Tortello to the taste of Aglianico del Vulture
(Tortello stuffed with Trout, smoked scamorza cheese cream, Trout eggs and smoked steam nebulization)

Everyday… is Sunday!
(Orecchietta “Benedetto Cavalieri”, ragout of black pig, parsley, tomato and Moliterno pecorino cheese)

Second courses

The Lambgut roll… you don’t expect
(Tuna fish, lambgut, onion, baby leafs, potato and calabrese hot’nduja sauce)

The other Beef Cheek
(Beef Cheek, violet potato’s puree, violet potato’s chips and flan of ricotta cheese)

In Beccherie street…
(Grilled “Gnimmireddi”, burned onion cream, tomato confit and potato chips)

Thinking about Daddy
(Fish soup, baby vegetables and tomato)

(Smoked confit Lampuga, sesame spinach and loti sauce)


Under the clouds
(Bavarian chocolate 72%, “strazzata” of Matera, caramel salate dice cream and sugar cloud)

(Mousse di chestnut, inside liquid of grapes, test tube of white Martini and oranges)

Is it a madness?
(Fois gras ganache, pomegranate ice cream, Galliano sauce, bitter cocoa waffle)

Sweet, bitter and salted
(Yoghurt ice cream, mousse of pumpkin and olives in two consistencies)

Cheese tasting
(3 types of cheese accompanied by jams and mustards)

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