Menù Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

This menù is the result of my personal path evolution, from the fediscovery of myself and of authentic goods that mother Nature donates. On my way I had the opportunity to meet two young businessmen mad and passionate who told me about their friendly project of creating healtht, nourishing livefoods.
My challenge has been having my own restaurant to be open to new point of view and creating vegan and vegetarian dishes with a gourmet style.

Tasting menù includes 4 courses, entrée and small pastisserie.

Autumn squared
(Lentil soup, chestnut, broccoli and red turnip)

Lagana and chiclpeas
(Lagana pasta filled with white chickpeas, black chickpeas’ foam and crunchy chickpeas)

Realy complete
(Hamburger of lemon potato with baby vegetables)

(Mousse of chestnut, inside liquid of grapes, test tube of white Martini and oranges)

€ 40,00

+ 20 euro with tasting of selected wines.

Ristorante EGO - Enoteca Gourmet Origini
via Stigliani 44, 75100 Matera (MT)
telefono: +393929030963
telefono: +390835240314