Lucania Tasting

Lucania, my hometown Matera…
I want to tell you about my youth, my way of life, flavours and excellence living along with me. I’ll tell you about me, my goal is to deal with traditional dishes and create new ones in my way.
I will speak about me, revisiting Lucania’s traditional culinary dishes.

Tasting menù includes 4 courses, entrée and small pastisserie.

Tomato Essence
(Capers and olives crunchy waffle, pork ham, tomato bavarois, tomato water and wild fennel)

White, red and green
(Big Spaghetto pasta “Benedetto Cavalieri”, occhipinti beans, datterini grape tomatoes and cacioricotta cheese foam)

What if I say Lucania??
(Roasted veal diaphgram, fingerling potato, ricotta cheese sause and red wine cherries)

My tribute to Matera bread
(Matera bread in milk soaked caramelized with brown sugar, vanilla milk cream, coffe ice cream, bread foam with scents of Aglianico del Vulture wine)

€ 40,00

+ 20 euro with tasting of selected wines.

Ristorante EGO - Enoteca Gourmet Origini
via Stigliani 44, 75100 Matera (MT)
telefono: +393929030963
telefono: +390835240314