Lucania Tasting

Lucania, my hometown Matera…
I want to tell you about my youth, my way of life, flavours and excellence living along with me. I’ll tell you about me, my goal is to deal with traditional dishes and create new ones in my way.
I will speak about me, revisiting Lucania’s traditional culinary dishes.

Tasting menù includes 4 courses, entrée and small pastisserie.

Egg underground
(Egg poché, potato’s foam with black truffle and sautéed crumble)

Lagana and chickpeas
(Lagana pasta filled with white chickpeas, black chickpeas’ foam and crunchy chickpeas)

In Beccherie street…
(Grilled “Gnimmireddi”, burned onion cream, tomato confit and potato chips)

(Mousse of chestnut, inside liquid of grapes, test tube of white Martini and oranges)

€ 40,00

+ 20 euro with tasting of selected wines.

Ristorante EGO - Enoteca Gourmet Origini
via Stigliani 44, 75100 Matera (MT)
telefono: +393929030963
telefono: +390835240314