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Gourmet cuisine is my language, my way of interacting with the world, telling my emotion.
I devoted my life to the art of food, preparation and tasting. I constantly search for high quality ingredients, new excellence producers, new food preparation and processing techniques.
The dishes I create talk about me, they are the result of my crazy creativity, I am the expression of the place where I live, the exaltation of my traditions, my values, my culture.
I love beautiful design and art. I want every dish to be a small masterpiece.
This is me.. I am Nicola Egò..

Everything to discover
(Potato with truffle puree, stracciatella cheese and raw red tuna)

Tradition and innovation
(Bread and onions)

Fried pizza
(Pecorino cheese, turnip tops, foie gras and pear)

Basilicata coast to coast
(1 trout, 2 salted krapfen, 3 potato mousse, 4 tomato, 5 chestnuts, 6 bread, oil and turnip tops)

First courses

My…San Giuannin…
(Carnaroli Risotto “Ferron” garlic cream, capers, olives and tomato)

(Tagliatella pasta with chestnuts, walnuts, tabasco and cardoncelli mushrooms)

Perfect match
(Tagliatella pasta with chestnuts, walnuts, tabasco and cardoncelli mushrooms)

Perfect match
(Tortello pasta liquid with truffle and consommé of Astice)

Winter Breakfast
(Pumpkin cappuccino, crunchy sweetbreads, milk foam and coffee powder)

Second courses

In “Beccherie” strett
(Barbeque Gnimmireddi, tomato, onion and potato)

The other Cheek of the Beef
(Cheek, chestnut puree, chicory and crispy polenta)

It was difficult, but I got it
(Salmon, honey and sesame,pomegranate and soy spinach)

Matera, my muse …
(Cod au gratin, broad beans and Senise crunchy red pepper)


In the charming wood
(Coffee and vanilla Bavarian cream, crunchy cocoa and pollen ice cream)

A timeless classic … Sacher
(Chocolate ice cream, soft chocolate, apricot jelly and dark chocolate sauce)

For everyone…
(Persimmon fuit, beetroot, cauliflower, mandarin sorbet and puffed spelled)

My tribute to the bread of Matera
(Bread of Matera in caramelized milk with brown sugar, vanilla milk cream, coffee ice cream and bread foam with hint of Aglianico of the Vulture wine)

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