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Gourmet cuisine is my language, my way of interacting with the world, telling my emotion.
I devoted my life to the art of food, preparation and tasting. I constantly search for high quality ingredients, new excellence producers, new food preparation and processing techniques.
The dishes I create talk about me, they are the result of my crazy creativity, I am the expression of the place where I live, the exaltation of my traditions, my values, my culture.
I love beautiful design and art. I want every dish to be a small masterpiece.
This is me.. I am Nicola Egò..

11 AM Break

Perfect Pairing
(Seabass/Beetroot/Coconut/Rocket Salad)

Idea of a Land
(Pork/Peperone Crusco/Black Cabbage/Gin)

For Everyone…

First courses

My Endless Search
(Ferron Rice/Sea Urchin/Chocolate/Cider)

It is Too Good
(Basilia Linguine/Hazelnut/Ribes)

My Favourite One
(Bone Marrow/Octopus/Lemon)

They Fits Perfectly
(Cockscombs/Pecorino Cheese/Pear/Red Wine)

Second courses

Coal Black Alaska
(Black Cod/Coffee/Milk/Cauliflower)

The Timeless One
(Cuttlefish/Green Peas/Ginger/ Squid Ink)

Italy you don’t Expect
(Braised Veal/Kiwi/Artichokes)

Is Madness


My Tribute to the Bread of Matera

Fake Lemon

(Cashew/Passion Fruit/Cream)

By Popular Demand

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