Ego gourmet is not a restaurant…

… at least, non in conventional sense.

Every day I cook only for passion, for fun, to excite, to rovoke, to make life more exciting to my privileged 20 guests!

This is my gourmet restaurant concept: a sensory pathway that involves sight and smell at first, then touch and taste to remain impressed in each guest’s memory.

This is Nicola Egò.

Now you get to live the EGO gourmet restaurant experience.


Italian red wines

Italian rosé wines

White Italian wines

French champagne and Italian sparkling wines

Meditation wine



Special tasting menu

We welcome only 20 guests each meal.


– We are closed on Tuesday –


Ristorante EGO – Enoteca Gourmet Origini
via Stigliani 44, 75100 Matera (MT)
telefono: +393929030963
telefono: +390835240314